Sicario: All the Build-Up to a Dramatic Conclusion Without the Dramatic Conclusion

I had the chance to view this film, hoping I’d see Emily Blunt in a tour-de-force performance worthy of an Academy Award nomination. Instead what I got were endless shots of stoic facial expressions as her character constantly ponders at every opportunity what is happening around her. I think I saw her flinch one time in a dark tunnel.

Her character is chosen to participate in drug-related raids along the Mexican border because of her experience leading kidnapping SWAT teams for the FBI, but she soon learns that other entities appear to run the show.

The end game for her is to figure out why.

Besides the fact that Ms. Blunt is too pretty to be an FBI agent, in my view she really never exuded the toughness that a woman would have in such an experience.

However, Benicio del Toro’s performance is worth watching. He plays a shadowy figure with a score to settle. In fact, I really thought that he should have received top billing for his role.

Although I couldn’t tell whether or not the long pauses within the dialogue signified great acting or a bad script, unlike Blunt, when Del Toro stared down someone, I really felt his intensity.

The panoramic views of the Mexican terrain, although  gorgeous, were overdone. There was also a pointless motorcade scene that seemed to last about 15 minutes.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed Blunt’s character goes through a painful learning process as she learns the truth.

There are plenty of action scenes for those who love this genre, so the film did hold my attention all the way through.

It is still a film worth checking out.


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